Łubna landfill

Municipal wastes from Warsaw are utilised at several places, among others on Łubna old landfill, with has been existed since 1978. The construction of Łubna landfill was not good enough with regard to stability and environmental protection. Therefore, having been used for many years, it was necessary to stabilise the embankments and to perform remedial works to protect groundwater against pollutions. Now, Łubna landfill is well recognized and monitored site. Lots of investigations, including waste morphology analysis, physical and hydraulic properties, sounding and permeability tests, settlement and lateral movement measurements as well as back analysis were carried out to evaluate and improve conditions of Łubna landfill. The test results are used for calculating the water balance, stability analysis and groundwater modelling as well as designing of remedial works. Remedial works have been performed, i.e. mineral capping system, slope reinforcements, construction of a cut-off wall, a leachate drainage system, leachate treatment plant, ecological remediation with plants and degassing system.

The detailed information you can find in the following items:
1.  Introduction
2.  Site location and description
3.  Subsoil conditions
4.  Investigations of waste properties
       4.1  Scope of investigations
       4.2  Waste morphology analysis
       4.3  Sounding tests
       4.4  Permeability tests
       4.5  Settlement and lateral movement measurements
       4.6  Back analysis
5.  Water balance
6.  Slope stability analysis for reinforcement design
7.  Groundwater modelling
8.  Remedial works
       8.1  Creation of landfill embankment with slope reinforcements
       8.2  Cut-off wall
       8.3  Leachate drainage system
       8.4  Mineral capping system
       8.5  Ecological remediation with plants
       8.6  Degassing system
9.  Water monitoring system
10.  Future view


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